‘Sleepy Hollow’ Releases First Promo


When the newly revamped Sleepy Hollow comes back for season 4 on January 6th, it will be unrecognizable to past seasons. No longer in Sleepy Hollow, the show will now be based in Washington D.C. with the usual set of baddies and a brand new partner. In fact the video trailer for the fourth season was put out just to show the two meeting for the first time. It’s still a bit jarring, but this is new territory so needs a break in period.

New cast member Janina Gavankar will play Agent Diana, who will take on the ‘Dana Scully’ version of the show. Starting out as a non-believer, it’ll be fun to watch her morph into a believer. The difference is her change of heart won’t take several seasons, and if it does then that will change the dynamic of Sleepy Hollow even more. The basis of the show has always been on the supernatural, so there is no way they can keep a non-believer in the group without making some serious compromises to the story.

Either way there will be a lot of time to figure it out, as it would be a bit mean of FOX to cancel the show after one season during this transition. Because of the huge overhaul, it isn’t out of the question to expect a grace period of 2-3 seasons before serious cancellation can even be considered. The network wanted a show that had better branding, and could be milked in a more traditional format- and this is it.

Several viewers are on the edge of their seat trying to figure this one out, and when it is all said and done, this may very well be an awesome change of format.

What do you think about the new Sleepy Hollow? Will it be better than the original?

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