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Production has begun on Season 2 of Skylanders Academy! The series is set to premiere in 2017

Release Date of #SkylandersAcademy S2: 2017

Netflix has a new animated series this season with familiar video game characters at the center of the Skylanders Academy universe. Spyro, Stealth Elf, and Eruptor are back in school, learning what it takes to become a Skylander while they battle the evil villains that are out to get them.

The CGI animation style is stunning and crisp, with eye-popping bright colors and character designs that feel nearly 3D on the flat screen. Look out DreamWorks and Disney, Activision Blizzard Studios is your future competition when it comes to high quality productions, and #SkylandersAcademy is the pioneer series that may lead this studio into the limelight. They already have two films in the works, also based on their games; a Warcraft sequel and Call of Duty.

The SA series is said to be a stand-alone spin-off that does not follow the game’s plot, which is why producers wanted to make sure that many of the voice actors were completely distinct from the video game. Spyro the Dragon and all the magical characters that made the games so popular star in this series and are voiced by some amazing Hollywood talent. Spyro the Dragon is voiced by Justin Long (Accepted, ‘I’m a Mac’ from the Apple ads), Stealth Elf is voiced by Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical), and Eruptor is voiced by Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad).

The characters that surround the three young learners on the series are also voiced by some amazing actors: Golden Queen (Susan Sarandon – The Client), Kaossandra (Catherine O’Hara – Beetlejuice, Home Alone), Dreamcatcher (Parker Posey – Best in Show), Pop Fizz (Bobcat Goldthwait – Comedian, Shakes the Clown), Hugo (Harland Williams – Comedian, RocketMan), Wolfgang (James Hetfield – Metallica’s lead singer), and Glumshanks (Norm Macdonald – Comedian, Saturday Night Live).

This series is not just for kids, or those who grew up playing the games. It is a fun and entertaining animation that all ages can enjoy. They even got Timbaland to contribute a song for the opening theme; that’s a move that’s speaking to the tweens and their parents.

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Season 1 debuted all 12 episodes on Netflix on October 28, 2016, and a second season is already in the works, due to release in 2017.

There haven’t been any critic reviews about this new series as of this writing, nor will there be any viewership data made available due to Netflix being a subscription service. The fact that Activision Blizzard Studios and Netflix have already announced a second season in the works is a great sign for this show. As time goes on, it will likely gain a lot more attention from critics and viewers.

Have you checked out this new animated Netflix series yet? How fun is it to have such

a stellar voice cast? Do your kids enjoy watching it? What do you think about the quality of the CGI animation?

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