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GSN has yet to announce the fate of Skin Wars Season 4

Release Date of #SkinWars S4: To be announced

Of all the types of art there are, Skin Wars is a show featuring artists whose canvas is the body. The reality show features a group of artists who are eliminated one by one throughout each episode, until the season finale determines the champion. It’s an interesting look at this style of art, and how the artists work under pressure to creative living masterpieces unlike anything else. The show is now into its third season. Anyone who has an interest in art or body painting will find this show to be very fascinating. The show returned for the third season on April 20, and has completed some pretty exciting assignments so far.

What are some of the unique assignments from this season?

One particularly exciting episode featured a trip to the aquarium, which inspired the challenge of creating waterproof designs. For a more inspirational episode, the contestants who remained did their work on breast cancer survivors. Another one included a swimwear competition, which had the contestants getting up close and personal with their models. One particularly challenging episode they had to paint models in both 2-D and 3-D poses which proved to be pretty interesting.

How are people reacting to the new season?

Viewers are finding the show to be very interesting and the art to be one of a kind. Having a living canvas makes for a totally different type of experience, which is what makes people so interested in the show. A lot of viewers don’t understand the practicality of body painting, so the show has a very niche market of viewers. It’s rated very high on with 7.4 stars out of ten, with the most viewers being females. It is rated highest with viewers who are under 18, and it is rated higher with viewers outside of the US than it is people inside the country.

When can people expect to see the next season of the show?

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There has been no official announcement of a fourth season, and in order to stay on people’s televisions, they might need to do something to get some more viewers. There are many other similar shows to this that are rated much higher, but viewers are hoping they’ll add another dimension to the show to set it apart from the others. If it ends up coming back, it will likely air in mid to late spring in 2017.

Is this show good for families?

The show is interesting for families with older children who are interested in art and the different ways people can paint, and adapt to certain challenges. The challenges people encounter on this show are a good way for kids to see how others use their creativity to get to a desired final product. Some of the episodes, like the bathing suit one, may show more skin than some families want their children to see, but it is nothing inappropriate.

What are some similar shows to this?

There are several series showcasing various different types of artists that follow the same elimination round type of competition as #SkinWars. Face off is one of the highest rated,

with 8.2 stars, out of ten. This show features special effects makeup artists, combining makeup, body paint and latex to create mystical creatures. Featuring one of the judges from #SW, RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race is rated at 8.3 stars, and is a show about drag stars and the makeup that goes into a successful costume. Best Ink is a competition show featuring tattoo artists as they create permanent, one-of-a-kind masterpieces on people’s skin.

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Roma Mazza
Roma Mazza
7 months 11 days ago

I love skin wars! I love art! Can’t wait until season 4 begins.
How come ther are no reruns on?

7 months 6 days ago

Netflix has all the skin wars.

6 months 22 days ago

I can’t wait

5 months 24 days ago


4 months 17 days ago

Please season 4 needs to be release 😘

Hanna Taylor
Hanna Taylor
25 days 4 hours ago