‘SIX’ Sets A Premiere Date


When History Channel unveils Six on January 18th, it will be stepping into the overcrowded space of war shows. But SIX isn’t just some random war drama, it is a Navy SEAL epic starring Walton Goggins. The network has already released a couple of cast photos that look like something off of a big budget movie set. Already the show is proving that it is authentic, from the formations to the way the soldiers carry themselves.

That makes sense considering the show is based off of real missions. With an eight episode season being used to draw in the fans, viewers will be brought deep into the world of the members on the SEAL Team Six. Their top secret missions are dangerous, with their current mission to assassinate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan being the most dangerous yet. The mission goes sideways when they find out an American citizen is in league with the terrorists. Sound a bit familiar to Brody in Homeland?

Team leader Richard Taggart will have his hands full with decisions that could change the entire scope of the mission. There is one in particular that will make the series, since it is questionable on an ethical and professional level. Where things get bonkers is when Taggart becomes the prisoner of Boko Haram, a dangerous Islamist group. That is where Team Six comes in to the rescue, an elite band of former members out to find their onetime leader. To make the Homeland reference even more valid, Jaylen Moore will be on Team Six- he was in Homeland!

Despite the weird similarities between SIX and Homeland, the series looks to be pretty solid for the long run on the History Channel.

What do you think of the overall premise of the series? Will this be a good war epic for the History Channel?

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