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The Fourth season of the television series Silicon Valley commenced airing on April 23, 2017

S4 Started April 23, 2017

Airing on HBO, Silicon Valley is a comedy about a group of six men who started their own company in the show’s namesake region. The show is now into its third season since its 2014 premiere, and is leaving audience in stitches with the clever humor of creator Mike Judge. Since its inception, the series has been nominated for and won several awards, and has lent its humor to the masses, even those who aren’t #SV insiders. Anyone who wants some laughs with a good script and well appointed cast, this is one show that should not be missed.

What’s going on in the current season of the show?

When Richard can’t convince the directors to keep him as Pied Piper CEO, he threatens to leave the company and sue for his intellectual property. Another company offers to take him on as their Chief Technology Officer, the same role that Pied Piper offered him, but he rejects the offer and goes back to Pied Piper. He meets the new potential CEO for the company. At Hooli, the employment contracts are deemed invalid which allows Gavin to fire the Nucleus team without paying severance.

How are people reacting to #SiliconValley?

There are two teams for #SV- those who love it, and those who hate it. There is very little middle ground when it comes to sort of liking the series. Those who love it, find it hilarious and clever humor. It’s particularly appealing to those who are familiar with the lifestyle of #SiliconValley or are familiar with programming and the struggles of a start up, but does a good job of making it appropriate for anyone who watches, not just those with the background as it relates to the show. The one thing that sets it apart, as said by fans, is that it has perfect comedic timing, something that can easily be ruined by missing the beat by a fraction of a second.

However, those who hate it, do so with passion. They find it as a waste of time, filled with poor talent, and bad humor. It follows the same type of humor as any other sitcom on television, but it isn’t paired with good talent or anything to make it worthwhile. The script is forced, and seems amateur. So it’s hard to say whether an individual will like the show or not, so it’s best to just watch a couple episodes and decide for yourself.

How are the ratings for the current season of the show?

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The ratings have consistently increased each season of the show. The third season is currently rated at a 90 out of 100 on Metacritic, after an 86 in 2015 and an 84 in 2014. The Rotten Tomatoes score has also increased from the first season of 94%, and has been 100% the current and last season. It is clear that the show is favored by viewers.

When can viewers expect to see the next season of the series?

SV was renewed shortly after the third season’s premiere, so anyone who enjoys the show can expect to see the fourth season coming up in 2017.

The series typically runs on an April through June schedule, so a mid April premiere in 2017 is likely in the books tentatively.

What are some of the awards the series has received?

Most recently in 2016, the show has been the recipient of two awards, including the Best Comedy Series at the 20th Satellite Awards and Episodic Comedy at the 68th Writers Guild of America Awards. It also won two Primetime Emmy’s in 2015, among others.

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