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No decision has been made as to when production of Signed, Sealed, Delivered Season 4 will resume

Release Date of #SSD S4: To be announced

Signed, Sealed, Delivered is a TV series airing in the United States and Canada, owned by Hallmark. The series follows four postal employees who go above and beyond to deliver undeliverable mail, or “dead letters”. In many cases the mail changes the recipient’s life, clearing the names of the innocent and reuniting lost loves. While not technically part of their usual jobs, Oliver, Shane, Rita, and Norman consider it their calling to hunt down the recipients, no matter how long it takes. Hallmark has not chosen to discontinue the show after the first season, but rather has chosen to rebrand it and air it as a full length film rather than a series. The new full-length films air on the Movies & Mysteries channel.

As Hallmark is now releasing SSD as a full-length film series, there is much more time allotted to discovering the secrets of the mail. It’s not surprising that Hallmark decided to give the series more time, as the pilot episode was 72 minutes, and it seemed like a squeeze to cut the following episodes down to 42 minutes each. So far #SignedSealedDelivered has been shown for five full-length shows. While the larger time slot may be better for plot development, there has been a drop in viewings since the show became a full-length feature. Before the change, there was no episode under 1 million views, with the pilot episode leading at 1.72 million views. In contrast, the new films have garnered only about 700-800 thousand views per film. It is uncertain how Hallmark will react to this, but clearly, the fans enjoyed the shorter episodes more than the full-length showings. This could potentially lead to the show’s cancellation, if not resolved. The viewings are still significant, but time will tell if they will be significant enough for the show to continue.

The reason SSD was such a success in the beginning is the drastic nature of the plot. Some would consider mail to be very mundane and boring, but the Postables prove that the mail can be life changing and even dangerous. During Episode 8, one of the recipients of a dead letter is almost driven to murder by the contents. There are almost endless possibilities for plot lines, as the contents of the dead letters are usually completely unexpected. There have been a few side plot lines among the Postables, but the focus will change with each new dead letter, eliminating any continuing main plot.

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There have been guest stars throughout the series and full-length films, but the main characters of the show have stayed the same thus far. Hallmark will likely be looking to draw in more fans to the full-length shows, and a cast addition or change may be just the thing to give #SignedSealedDelivered back its original spark. A true cast change may not even be necessary, if the original characters convince their comrade to rejoin. It was Shane that started the entire project of hunting down the recipients of dead letters during the pilot episode, but what if Shane chose to leave the Postables? This would certainly

complicate the team’s goal. Granted, this may be too drastic of a change for #SSD, but it is also a possibility to add a new member to the team. There would still be drama and conflict due to adjustment, but this would prevent any alienation of the fan base.

#SSD full length films can be watched on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel, and the TV show episodes are available to stream on Amazon and Itunes.

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Carole Brochu
Carole Brochu
8 months 4 days ago

I hope To see a season 4. I really like those episod. It’s a very good series

Harlene Shah
Harlene Shah
7 months 2 days ago

It is time for some weddings to take place Among the couples!

V.A. Beyer
V.A. Beyer
6 months 8 days ago

I love this show. It has something for everyone, romance, hope, faith, and love. We need more movies and series like this that have “real” meaningful stories. Please continue this great work and thank you for giving me something finally worthy of watching!