Showtime Cancels ‘Masters Of Sex’


Wow, talk about a game changer! Bill and Virginia won’t get to say their final goodbyes because Showtime just cancelled Masters of Sex. This is an incredible move since the series was still pulling in strong ratings, and follows on the heels of several other high profile cancellations. In the past few months, the cancellation machine has rolled over Penny Dreadful and Roadies, two great Showtime shows. They of course released their usual blah blah statement about how great the show was and how it will remain in the family- but the fact remains they still cancelled it.

Masters Of Sex was set for one more season before it would possibly call it quits, so this cancellation has left a lot of fans annoyed. There will be several unsolved storylines, many of them newly created in season 4. The November 10th finale was beautifully done, but wasn’t made to close out the series. Bill and Virginia getting married was not the swan song the series was built to give the fans, and is something that was made for a much lesser show.

The show was considered one of the flagship series on the network, meaning that people would subscribe to Showtime because of it. With Ray Donovan, Shameless and Homeland going into their stretch seasons, fans will now have to wonder what the fate of those shows will be. It becomes less interesting to watch a show on a network that has been as cancel happy as Showtime, and they are entering into some very dangerous territory.

Pay subscription services are usually a bit more prideful about their prestige shows, but this cancellation could prove to be the beginning of something very dark for premium channels.

What do you think of the cancellation of the show? Did it go on far too long?

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