Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is an American police procedural series with a twist. Rather than focus on the crime itself, the profiling of the perpetrator is emphasized.

The FBI’s top profilers work together to solve crimes not with clues and forensic evidence, but through creating a personality matrix that suggests who would commit the type of wrongdoing under investigation. Each member of this team brings a different area of focus and uses it to pinpoint motive, personality foibles, emotional triggers, and any other scrap of personal information that might point to a criminal.

Originally led by Jason Gideon (the inimitable Mandy Patinkin), the mind hunters have seen a lot of new agents rotate in and out as they get into the heads of killers, arsonists, rapists, and bombers. Computer geniuses, confidence men, ace investigators, and traditional agents have all been members of this elite squad.

Criminal Minds is the source of two spin off shows and has spawned an extremely loyal fanbase. If you like police procedurals, but grow tired of forensic shows, Criminal Minds may be the antidote you’re looking for.


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