American Horror Story

American Horror Story is an American horror anthology series. Each season is a mostly self contained miniseries with different characters, setting, and plot.

The first season focuses on a modern family moving into a Murder House. This house of horrors has seen more than its fair share of grisly deaths. Not only that, but the spirits of those murdered there are forcibly connected to the house forever.

The second season is set in an asylum for the criminally insane in the mid 1960s. Many of the inmates claim that they’ve been wrongfully imprisoned, but the stern administrators hear none of it. The inmates are routinely subject to strange occurrences like demonic possession and alien abduction.

The third season is focused on a coven of witches descended from the survivors of the Salem Witch Trials. The girls who share the genetic markers of being a witch are being moved to a boarding school in New Orleans for their own safety. But there’s a rivalry there between witches and voodoo practitioners.

The fourth season is set in a struggling carnival freak show in the early 1950s. The fifth season centers on a modern hotel created to be a torture chamber for the guests.

The series attracts well-established and talented actors and actresses such as Jessica Lange (who has appeared in several seasons), Angela Bassett, Dylan McDermott, and more.

Horror fans and critics alike have loved every season of American Horror Story. Fans of weird stories and family drama wrapped up in supernatural terror will enjoy this anthology series.


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