‘Shooter’ Is Once Again In Trouble


The worst start in the history of television has got to go to Shooter, which has continually proven to have the worst luck of any television show. USA still has high hopes for Shooter, but that may change with a new lawsuit that has just surfaced.

A while back, when the show was going through its usual setback it was hit with another one. Stuntman Steve De Castro was hit with a car by Tom Sizemore while on set. It was way back on July 6th (wow!!) while they were filming a scene, and was one of the most puzzling accidents this year. The car didn’t even need to be put in gear, and some type of miscommunication led to Sizemore pinning Castro with the car. When it all went down, there were even rumors of bad blood between the two. This is all because it made absolutely no sense when it happened!

Now things have really hit the fan, as Castro (still recovering from injuries) is suing Viacom, Paramount and Tom Sizemore. This isn’t a regular lawsuit since Castro’s condition is still being kept under wraps. And the bombshell that was released with the lawsuit claims Sizemore was intoxicated while he was in the car! With that bit of information released, it all begins to make sense. Unfortunately for all those involved in Shooter, it is the worst possible revelation to come from all this.

Castro is looking for damages citing emotional distress, assault, battery and negligence. Everyone thought that the delays caused by real life shootings would be what stopped the production of Shooter. Now it looks like a lawsuit will make the November 15th premiere bittersweet, since this will be the first and only season of Shooter.

Will the show survive the first season? What are the chances it even airs on November 15th?

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