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‘Shooter’ Gets Renewed!


Shooter just scored a season 2! The troubled USA thriller has come out of nowhere to be one of the surprise shows for the network, even after a horrible start. Based on the 2007 film of the same name starring Mark Wahlberg, the television adaptation stars Ryan Phillippe as Bobby Lee Swagger. Wahlberg is still behind the scenes as executive producer, and has already shown over the years that his creative influence is powerful.

Swagger is a retired veteran that gets pushed back into the field when he learns of a plot to assassinate the president. Of course it is all a con, and Swagger is framed and has to go on the run. As a man with a family and a name to clear, Swagger has a lot more on the line than say a Jason Bourne. There is a delicate balance that has to be followed as he has to fight the government, corruption, hitman and even friends.

While the ratings weren’t stellar, they were good enough to get it going for a second season. No date has been set for the second season, and the current season will finish on January 17th. The show is still being sued by the stuntman that got injured on set, and it has also missed out on nailing its key audience with the repeated delays in airing.

There is a good chance that ratings could double for the second season after people realize it finally aired the first season, with faithful viewers coming back when hearing about its renewal. But so far so good for Shooter, with a bright future ahead if it keeps going on its current trajectory.

What do you think of the first season of Shooter so far? Was Phillippe the correct casting for the role of Swagger or do you prefer Wahlberg?


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