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It was announced that Sheriff Callie’s Wild West would not return for a Third season

#SCWW Cancelled, No Season Three :(

Sheriff Callie is a popular musical comedy show on Disney Junior aimed at preschool children. Set in the town of Nice and Friendly Corners in the Wild West, Sheriff Callie is surrounded by good and friendly neighbors, but sometimes the people of the town run into conflict and have trouble getting along with one another. Fortunately, Sheriff Callie, a calico cat, is there to help her friends along with her deputy, a red woodpecker named Peck.

So far, we have seen Sheriff Callie work out all of the problems with her townspeople, but will she run into problems that she cannot solve? Or will the friendly town be infiltrated with not so nice characters?  That remains to be seen. Up through season 2, Sheriff Callie has not come across a problem that she cannot solve, but whether this will continue to be the case in season 3 is unknown.

The cast in Sheriff Callie has been greatly consistent and will continue to do so well into season 3. With well-known actress and singer Mandy Moore voicing the titular character, the show has an experienced cast. The rest of the strong cast is also certain to remain strong and constant.

There are sure to be even more guest appearances in season 3, as season 2 has raked in the popular, and hilarious, Keegan-Michael Key as a wily rooster. While the episode has not yet aired in 2016, having such a pop-culture MVP in the line-up for guest appearances in season 2, makes it almost guaranteed that we will hear even more star-studded voices into season 3. And considering Disney Junior is excellent at grabbing well-known stars to voice the characters in all of its shows, Sheriff Callie will be no different.

There was a surprising gap of time between season 1 and 2, with season 1 ending in December 2014, but not having season 2 debut until November 2015. With a gap such as that, especially with a Disney Junior show, it does leave the future of season 3 as an unknown, most likely airing in late fall of 2016, but still very much unknown. Part of the hiatus may have been due to the leading voice actor of Mandy Moore spending time doing charitable work in India, though that has not been confirmed.

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The show has not been lacking in popularity, however, and it received a lot of positive praise following its first season. It was called “A Western for preschoolers – such a perfect genre to get kids excited and teach them about good ol’ manners, friendship and fairness,” by Carey Bryson of The premiere itself had received high ratings, setting a total viewer record of 1.35 million for the 5:00 pm time slot and was ranked as the number 1 show in the Watch Disney Junior app by November 2014. Given that the show has been so well-received, it would seem natural that Disney Junior will keep running the show for a season 3.

One thing is for sure as the show continues on, there is sure to be even more fun music for its young audience. With the strong voice of Mandy Moore behind it, Sheriff Callie will continue to educate and entertain its viewers with fun and

positive songs. Moore was selected for the role following her exquisite work with Disney’s Tangled, voicing the titular character of Rapunzel for both voice and song.

As for watching Sheriff Callie, she is not easy to find outside of Disney Junior. While you can find the episodes on the channel itself as well as Disney Junior’s website, Sheriff Callie is not on Netflix or Hulu at this time, and is only available for purchase on Amazon.

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West has unfortunately been cancelled on Disney Junior. That means no season 3 for the show that was as educational as it was cute. Don’t give up! Netflix is still in the picking up cancelled shows business!

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2 months 20 days ago

I love this tv show because it is fun and cool

isaiah williamson
isaiah williamson
2 months 19 days ago

i have a letter to sent to the cast who played the show