‘Shameless’ Moves Forward With New Season


Season eight of Shameless went from speculation to reality, and not long after star Emmy Rossum decided to sign on the dotted line. Production will start in 2017 with no set premiere date. With the finale out of the way, what are some of the things that fans have loved about season seven?

Fi is still a bit on the crazy side. When she punches her dead mother that is lying in a casket, the sheer horror of the funeral home workers said it all. Fi tends to be a bit over the top emotional, but when you consider that Monica forced Fi into a motherly role, it may have been justified. Is this Fi’s way of letting go?

Frank shows he is human after all. Looking at Frank now compared to the one that was described when he was in college is interesting. He eulogized his former love in the best way possible and reminded the kids that their mother was also human, and also worthy of their love and respect. Franks outpouring of emotions also gave a bit of closure to Fi, so there was a lot of improvement in both their personalities.

All of this seemed like it was a series finale, and if the show ended after the credits rolled then it would have been one of the best endings of all time. Coming back for another season could be a mistake, and may ruin the awesomeness that was the seventh season. The biggest question heading into the new season is Monica’s inheritance for the kids, which is worth $10,000 apiece. Too bad it’s in the form of meth, and highly illegal. Fi wanted no part of it and buried two bags in the casket, so what about the others?

What did you think of the finale of Shameless? Should it have been a series finale?

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