‘Shameless’ Is In A Strange Place


Shameless is going through some really rough times that may keep it from getting renewed for an eight season. The long running award winning show has been going through negotiations with star actress Emmy Rossum who has been the lead on the show since 2011. Showtime is ready to renew the show, but in order to do that they want to have Rossum on board with a new contract. The problem is the producers offer Rossum pay parity with her co-star William H. Macy, which would put them at equal pay. Rossum is not having it, and is asking to be paid more in order to participate in future shows.

The contract negotiations have been going on for months, so this is really a stressful time for everyone involved in production. Everything is hinging on Rossum signing this deal, since not even the writers are prepared to move the story forward without their lead. This all gets confusing, and the Rossum bashers have already come out in full force. A better explanation of what is going on is that she is looking for ‘back-pay’.

Since the beginning of the series Macy has been paid more than Rossum, so while they are offering her parity with this upcoming deal, she wants them to level out all of the past seasons where they didn’t pay her the same as Macy. So technically she isn’t asking to be paid more money than Macy, and is instead looking to rewrite the history of her entire contract. Okay, so that didn’t sound too much better.

The truth is there really is no way to make Rossum look good in this situation, and even with the popularity of Shameless Showtime will have no problem letting go of a show that old.

Should Rossum just accept the equal pay and move on? Or will the show be doomed to end after season 7?

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