‘Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll’ Is No More


But why was it cancelled? The great rock comedy is no more at FX and Denis Leary is out of a job before the series can get to full speed. After only two seasons, FX had seen enough, and is even declining to make an official statement about the cancellation of the show.

The second season finished on September 1st, with the finale only able to pull in about 450,000 viewers. This is of course an underperformance, but for a half hour series that had just changed the writing direction in its second season, it wasn’t really a bad rating number. Leary was the star, musical writer and executive producer of the series since the start. The casting was good, and featured John Corbett, Elaine Hendrix, John Ales, Robert Kelly and Elizabeth Gillies. Leary played the starring role of Johnny Rock, a down on his luck musician that found a resurgence with his daughter’s genius.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll comes not too far after Leary’s award winning series Rescue Me, which was a megahit for FX. He was basically the Vince Gilligan of the network, so saying he had some pull on FX would be an understatement. That’s why it was a little surprising to see the leash so short from the bosses for this show, which had a small but dedicated following.

All of the cast members had great chemistry and got along both on and off the set. What started out as a risky project turned into something special, one that was meant to last a lot longer than two seasons. Comparing it to Roadies makes one wonder if that show will be the next to get the axe, which would really be a shame for the current landscape of rock-themed television series.

Why do you think the show was cancelled? Would you like to see it on a different network?

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