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‘Sex Transition Clinic’ In The Works At ITV


With the cancellation of I Am Cait, television has become a bit sparse with series related to the transgender community. Now there are plenty of comedies and dramas, but none that tell the real life struggles of anyone that is going through a real life sex change. ITV is looking to change that with its new series, and they already have full access to the leading transgender surgery clinic in Britain. When it is all said and done, the show will be better than I Am Cait, and will focus more on the surgeries rather than the lifestyle.

Gender confirmation surgery is a very invasive process, so the content will sometimes be very graphic. Christopher Inglefield will be one of the main focuses of the show, and is a world-renowned plastic surgeon. His private clinic specializes in gender confirmation surgery, and is constantly hit with a barrage of applications from hopefuls looking to have their chance of going under the knife.

The show will pick a group of transgender individuals and follow them through the entire process, with all stages being documented. This isn’t a scripted series, so the range of emotions will be genuine, especially in the consultation parts where most of the work takes place. There will be a lot of faces to get familiar with in the series as the clinic has its own set of personalities. Yet the one thing that will remain a focus is the actual process from beginning to end, including a post-op checkup. I Am Cait may be off the air, but Sex Transition Clinic is on track to surpass it in every way possible.

Will the show turn out to be a better educational tool than I Am Cait? Will there be scripted moments in the show that breaks the realism of the participants?

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