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The fate of Señora Acero Season 4 remains up in the air

Release Date of #SeñoraAcero S4: To be announced

Señora Acero is a Spanish-language telenovela created by Robert Stopella, produced by Telemundo and distributed by Telemundo Television Studios and Argos Comunicación. One of Telemundo’s “super series,” the show was designed both to have more action and be easy to translate into other languages.

The third season of the show had undergone a major shift, following the departure of lead actress Blanca Soto. To handle the departure, the show killed off her character, Sara Aguilar, at the hands of drug lord “El Teca” Martinez. What the show revealed in the beginning of this season is that Martinez was also killed at the hands of Sara’s son Salvador, and the show goes between two major plot points, the first being about Salvador and Aguilar’s former lover Manuel trying to keep the family business going.

The second plot thread revolves around a new character, Vicenta Rigores, a famed coyote who is sought out by immigrants across Mexico for her dedication in helping them cross the border while keeping them safe. As Vicenta has to deal with both government agents and other coyotes looking to kill her. As the season progresses, it is revealed that Vicenta is actually the half-sister of Salvador, and at its close, it looks like these two stories are ready to collide.

While the writers have done an admirable job of recreating what the show should be with the absence of its star, this is always going to be a difficult sell to the core audience. Make no mistake, #SeñoraAcero has been a huge ratings success for Telemundo, as well as well as being nominated for several awards. In addition, it’s not unheard of for shows to succeed without the presence of the star. However, it’s one thing for a middling formula to be changed and another for a wildly successful one to be turned on its head.

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So far, critical success has actually been rather positive, as many are praising the performance of Carolina Miranda as Vicenta, which is key considering she is the new female lead in what has been considered a female-led show. In addition, the same twists and writing that have drawn in viewers over the show’s run are still present, and this is still being praised today.

To date, ratings information for the third season of #SA has not been released, so it’s hard to determine how well the audience has received the changes, even if critics don’t necessarily have many issues with it. As a result, chances of a renewal are currently up in the air. More often than not, major retoolings like this are poorly received, but being a telenovela,

there is always a reason for people to want to tune in. How did you enjoy this season? Is it worth watching without Sara, or have you gone elsewhere?

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Maria Contreras
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I love this tv show so much

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Iam hooked!!

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Cant wait to see what happens in season 4. Hurry netflex!!