‘Sense8’ Gets A Date For Their Christmas Special


Netflix blew the lid off of the pot by announcing that December 23rd will be the airing date for the Sense8 Christmas special. This is good news, as fans have to wait until May 5th for season 2. The episode will be a one off and not related to the events that took place during the season 1 finale.

Sense8 is about eight complete strangers all across the world. One day all eight of these strangers begin to realize that they can feel, hear, taste and fully experience one another. The trigger seems to be a death that they see through their visions, and it’s through this experience that they begin to grow more ‘aware’ or one another. A man named Jonas seems to be familiar with what they’re going through and helps the group out, while a hunter name Whispers tries to destroy them using the same powers.

If Stranger Things wasn’t your cup of tea then Sense8 should be able to fill all of your science fiction cravings. There is a huge ensemble cast to love, and they all have distinct personalities and emotions. The big theme of the show seems to be identity, which is something that all eight strangers question about themselves throughout the series.

Unlike Westworld which seems to permanently hide behind funhouse mirrors, the plot of Sense8 comes off as less convoluted. It’s not that there isn’t any mystery, but that there is less misdirection in the storyline. It’s one of the most watchable series on the network, and moving forward with this Christmas Special was a fantastic idea. Season 2 will introduce new challenges for the show’s writers as they try to keep things fresh. With all that is going on, it shouldn’t be too hard!

Will you tune in to watch the Christmas Special? Who is your favorite character?

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