‘Secrets and Lies’ Is In Trouble


ABC isn’t too happy with how Secrets and Lies has been performing as of late, and may be looking deep into the future of the series after a lackluster finale. The special 2 hour season finale of the show put ABC in fourth place for the night, with the show tying and losing to reruns. Yes, Secrets and Lies couldn’t even beat out reruns on another network.

Sunday night is hard for any network not airing NFL games, but this is still a crucial loss for such a show which was never a big ratings hit. And since Once Upon a Time offered them a good lead in to Secrets and Lies, why there was such a drop off is a mystery. Part of the blame could go to having the weirdest block on Sunday, starting out with America’s Funniest Home Videos which is a good ratings show but seems out of place compared to what else is on that night.

If ABC replaced AFHV with an edgy new show in the 7p.m. block, then it may lead to better carryover ratings for the rest of their shows. But if ABC looks at the stats and decides to remove Secrets and Lies permanently, there are few shows they can bring in that will perform well in that spot on a Sunday night. Changing when AFHV airs is the only way they can really save their Sunday nights, otherwise they are just airing a bunch of different shows for 3 hours.

The year of 2016 has shown that networks are pretty cancel happy, so more than likely Secrets and Lies is in dangerous territory. And it’s a shame, because the show is a pretty solid watch.

Why do you think the ratings for the show are lackluster? Should ABC move AFHV to a different slot?

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