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The Drama series will not return for Season 5

#SDCG Ended, No Season Five :(

The Secret Life of a Call Girl is a raunchy TV series that started life in 2007 with season one and ran until 2011 with season two. It followed the life of sex worker with the name of Belle de Jour through a diary she kept. Some have called it the original 50 Shades of Grey and each episode opened our eyes into the sexcapades of Belle. The series was by creator Lucy Prebble with the lead being played by Billie Piper, who is also the executive producer.

What’s It All About?

While it is a show based on the life of a sex worker the series wasn’t sleazy or cheap in any way. Belle is a high class call girl in London and it brought with it surprises, shock, laughter and tears along the way as Belle had to fight a battle to keep her secret life away from family and friends.

The show got people hooked with the secrets of the call girl business, how they interacted with each and the friendships and enemies that were made along the way. There have been many great moments throughout the series including fancy dress parties, fantasies being played out along with plenty of diversity throughout the series.

What’s Been Happening?

Season 1 introduced us to Belle on September 27 2007 as she herself talked to us through the camera, something that she would continue to do throughout the whole series. Her life is secret and her family and friends believe she works as a secretary. Throughout the season Belle has plenty of clients, including threesomes, people in high rankings, and many fantasies are played out. After falling out with her “agent” Belle then decides to go freelance with the help of Ben, who sets her up in a penthouse.

Fast forward to season 4 which aired on February 1 2011 and Belle is living in her own apartment and mixing with high class clients. The last episode of season 4 was episode 8 and this saw Ben proposing to Belle but she declines as she states she is a career girl. But what happened to season 5 of the series?

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What’s In Store?

Despite the fact that The Secret Diary of a Call Girl received some of the highest viewer ratings on the Showtime channel that the channel had enjoyed in four years when the series premiered, one million viewers, there hasn’t been a season 5. You have to wonder why as the series continued to hold 70% of the audience through to the fourth season. The producers of the show said that they were considering making a movie; it seems that the Sex and the City movies inspired them.

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Trivia and Facts
  • Did you know that in 2009 the real life Belle du Jour let known her real identity? The memoirs that the TV series was based on came from a research scientist in Brazil by the name of Brooke Magnanti.
  • Did you know that in season 2 of The #SecretDiaryCallGirl a body double had to be used for Piper as she was pregnant?
  • Did you know that the name Belle de Jour in French means “beauty of the day”?
  • Did you know that Piper played in the TV series Dr Who alongside Matt Smith?
  • Did you know that Matt Smith played the part of a man Belle meets in a wedding gift shop and she took him to her home but not as a paying customer?
  • Did you know that David Tennant, also of Dr Who fame,
    should have played the part of one of the clients of Belle?
Choices for Watching Again

While The #SDCG has come to an end you can relive it all again on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Did you tune in each week to see what Belle was up to in her secret life as a call girl? Are you missing the show now that it has ended? Let us know your thoughts about the series in the comments section below.

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11 months 16 days ago

should of made series 5 .stupid ending. it was disappointing as wanted to know what happened next!

11 months 16 days ago

where is series5???

11 months 16 days ago

where is series 5? still waiting

11 months 8 days ago

need to know what bella is going to do with the rest of her life