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‘School of Rock’ Gets A Renewal


In 2003 Jack Black was this huge star that no one could get enough of. He quickly went into leading man status and launched a lot of cool movies, one of them being School of Rock. The charm of the movie was so great that it did fantastic at the box office, making money hand over fist. Fast forward to today and Nickelodeon has remade the classic movie into a television show, and now that same show has been renewed for a third season!

Twenty episodes have been ordered and production will start in 2017. This is pretty big news considering it is a run of the mill adaptation. The first episode of the series was like a recap for anyone that never saw the movie, so it got off to a weird start. All of the characters in show are fun, and the show doesn’t take itself seriously at all. That’s why School of Rock is one of the most fun shows to watch on the network, and a great choice to watch for people of all ages. The season 2 finale will air on January 28th, with special songs already set to cross promote with the show.

Other big name renewals on the network include Henry Danger and Game Shakers, with a few more to come. Nickelodeon has been getting back to what made it a great network long before Cartoon Network came and beat it down. Old classics like Marissa Explains It All, All That and Rugrats have long since been off the network with nothing comparable to replace them. The renewal of their flagship shows proves that there is hope in regaining some of that Nick magic back, with a newer generation enjoying the same quality shows as the older generation.

What do you think of the season three renewal? Will they renew your personal favorite show before the end of the year?

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