‘Scarlet’ Could Land On HBO


Comic book madness strikes again, and this time it is finally heading to a premium content provider. Brian Michael Bendis’ Scarlet is yet another marvel antihero that is getting the nudge this time, and although it is still in the talking phase, this is sure to be a big hit. Anyone that went to see the ‘Deadpool’ movie will have a good idea of what to expect with the character, and oftentimes she can be as witty as ‘Spiderman’. The last great comic book character to be on HBO was ‘Spawn’, and not only was it one of the best shows on the network, but it won multiple awards. Its cancellation made people think that it would be a long time before HBO tested the waters with another Superhero series.

That was in 1999, mind you. And the show is still as popular today as it was when airing.

Scarlet is a┬ábankable female antihero that will only go as far as whoever plays her. Ryan Reynolds was the absolute perfect choice for Deadpool, just like Robert Downey jr. was perfect for ‘Iron Man’. How about Hugh Jackman for ‘Wolverine’? Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan as Professor X and Magneto?

Marvel knows how to put the correct actors and actresses in place to play their heroes. This will be a big test for the comic giant, as the only female they have on the roster that is recognizable is Scarlett Johansson playing Black Widow. The only thing the casting folks have to do is get this one little detail right, and they could have a franchise for years. Considering how ‘Dark Angel’ was cancelled before its time, wouldn’t that make Jessica Alba the perfect fit?

Do you think that Jessica Alba should come out of retirement to play Scarlet? Who do you want to see in the role?

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