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The CW is yet to decide if Save Our Shelter will be back for another season or not

Release Date of #SOS S3: To be announced

Save Our Shelter is an American reality series that premiered its first season on October 3, 2015 on the cable channel CW (CBS/Warner Brothers). The series was created by Rocky Kanaka (Cell Block Tango: Waitress and Argo). The series is written by Amy Lambert (The Elephant’s Tail and Love They Neighbor), Amy Trask and Katharine Trask (Invasion and Two Soldiers). Executive producers include Chad Bennett (The Biggest Loser and Masterchef), Bryan Curb (Sea Rescue and Lucky Dog), David Doyle (Sea Rescue and Gamechangers) and Rocky Kanaka. The series featured hosts and stars Rocky Kanaka, Robert E North (Designed To Sell) and Cathy Bissell.

SOS does just that—it works to save pet shelters across the US. The series follows the series creator and well known pet-expert Rocky Kanaka, as he and renovation specialist Rob North his the road. They travel from town to town, city to city, searching out local pet shelters in need of renovating or constructional repair. The hosts, with their team of construction workers, bring new life and hope to pet shelters that are in danger of closing. Their hard work and dedication assures that these vital shelters are not lost to their local communities and pets. With each episode the team involves local residents, volunteers, and industry experts to get the job completed from start to finish. As they revitalize and reclaim the rescues and shelters, the hosts take the opportunity to educate the viewers on the importance of having a local shelter as well as other important pet-related topics. Finally, as the end of each episode, there is a big reveal and the viewer gets to see the newly updated and saved shelter or rescue. It is of interest that this series is partnered with another CW series DOG for DOG. While #SaveOurShelter takes on the mission of sheltering pets, DOG for DOG takes on the mission of feeding those sheltered pets by donating food anytime a purchase is made.

#SOS currently shows with a rating of 7.4 out of 10 on the IMDB site and no ratings currently available on Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes. The audience reviews on this one are very widely mixed. There are those who state this series is nothing but a cheesy feel good series and feel the hosts and cast are too superficial for the series to last. They also beging to mention that there is no variety in the plots of the episodes and that current cast’s lack of grabbing the audience interest only accentuates that. It is mentioned that each episode was essentially the same, with a very apparent lack of sincerity and the pushing of paid endorsements. It just seemed to most who reviewed this series that it was more for the commercial gain it presented, rather than the true nature of helping shelters on the edge of extinction. Another complaint is that the series does not have much of a reach as far as where they travel to help the shelters. The viewers comment that there are plenty of shelters other than the ones in the limited area the series features that could use this kind of help.

#SOS is in the process of airing the remainder of the episodes of its current second season. If you would like to tune in, the series is part of the “One Magnificent Morning” block airing Saturdays at 10:30a on the cable channel CW. As of this writing, because the series is still airing episodes, no information could be found confirming or denying a renewal or cancellation.

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Do you agree with the viewers that the series should extend its scope in

the locations of the shelters they help? What about the remarked upon feeling of the series being too commercial based? Where in the US would like to see the team go, if given a third season?

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Tina Ninemire
Tina Ninemire
1 year 1 month ago

Omg i can’t believe this is even a question. We need shows like save our shelter. Most of us do not even have a clue what goes into rescue life let alone the impact it has on the animals that are in need. Let’s make sure that this very important and much needed show does not go off the air. Our four legged friends need all the help we can give them.

Bob S.
Bob S.
10 months 14 days ago

I love SoS especially the season 2 episode the coveted my local shelter San Gabriel humane society. There truly a group of wonder folk who worked hard to save dogs , cats ,injured small wild animals. I really miss SoS from my Saturday morning show .please CW make season 3