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HGTV has ordered to production Home Renovation series, Save My Reno, scheduled to premiere in 2017

Release Date of #SMR S1: 2017

While you might initially assume that Save My Reno is a show about a superhero who fights crime in Nevada’s northern mini-Las Vegas, “reno” is actually a slang term for “renovation.” At least that is the definition HGTV Canada is trying to push with this new home improvement series. Oddly, the shortened version of the word wasn’t used in a very similarly titled program on the US variant of the network, Rescue My Renovation. Again, you would be justified in thinking that SMR and Rescue My Renovation are carbon copies of each other sent to duke it out for viewers on different networks. Not only do they confusingly air on channels owned by the same company, but they aren’t very similar in content at all.

#SaveMyReno is sometimes stylized as $ave My Reno. What this bit of subtlety presages is the show’s content as a primer on how to do common home improvement projects frugally. The synopsis is that homeowners have been given exorbitant rates by construction contractors and only Sebastian Clovis and Sabrina Smelko save the modest families from this insidious price-gouging. Clovis is apparently a newbie to the entertainment industry, but he is a veteran contractor famed for his cheery disposition. Smelko is a regular around these parts, though. She is a designer with experience appearing on home improvement television programs with cheesy titles. The last of her stripes was earned on Game of Homes.

The main production company for the show is Great Pacific Television. This is a competent company specializing in reality television for Canada. One of the greatest hits has been Highway Thru Hell about a company that tows heavy machinery that gets stuck on rural Canadian highways. It has lasted five seasons. Great Pacific knows how to handle the reality TV and so #SaveMyReno is in the best of hands.

It is hard to count on the longevity of these home improvement series airing on the DIY channel and HGTV (Home and Garden TV). They aren’t very popular, enjoyed by a particular subset of the general audience. The networks which own them surely know this, though, since they keep making them with no end in sight. Even in the large US market, unless the DIY show has some gimmick, such as renovating haunted houses or corrals, it rarely breaks the half a million viewer mark. They tend to run for one, two, or something even three seasons and then be replaced by another attempt. We shall see if the supposed energy of Clovis and the competence of Smelko give this show the margin it needs to eat the other goldfish in this small pond and survive.

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Expect to see #SMR come on the air sometime in early 2017. Once HGTV Canada announces more news for the series, we’ll

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What do you think of this new DIY show? Were you impressed with Smelko’s skills as guest judge on Game of Homes? Do you use the word “reno” to refer to a home renovation? Give us your opinions and comments down below.

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