‘Saturday Night Live’ May Have Been Censored


Saturday Night Live was incredible with Chappelle as host, even if it did have a couple of quirks here and there. One of those quirks was language that wouldn’t often be associated with NBC or SNL, and in many ways half of the show played out like it was The Chappelle Show on Comedy Central. Because of the language, depending on what affiliate station was running the show in the area, audio was cut out several times, notably during the ultra-important monologue by Chappelle. Well rather than complaining and filing a complaint, one of the North Carolina TV stations is actually considering changing its policy.

The obscenity and decency policy that they currently follow could possibly be changed into a more lenient policy that wouldn’t have cut out Chappelle’s speech. They are looking into making their decision soon, and have even opened their doors to local viewer input. This is a pretty awesome thing for the station to do, and they even doubled down by apologizing for cutting out the audio so many times on Saturday.

With all of the emotions running high for the best season of SNL yet, getting a high profile host like Chappelle and having him censored is the worst possible thing. So even if it was a onetime hosting spot, he has already influenced important policies with one appearance, and that should be commended.  Twitter users were mixed in the censorship of the show, but it became a big enough issue that many affiliates decided to look at their current policies, once and for all.

SNL is enjoying millions of views per week, and is on pace to keep that number up. They have been the best source of sketch comedy laughter this year, and they look like an entirely different show.

What did you think about the censorship? Will this affect other markets?

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