‘Saturday Night Live’ Finalizes New Cast Members


SNL released a few people, hired a couple and then promoted a few writers. The last anyone heard, they had gave a recurring cast promotion to writer Mikey Day. It was a long overdue one, and he has already proven himself useful to the main cast. Now they have two other cast member for the upcoming season 42 (yes 42!) and it’s going to make some people happy, while ticking others off.

Alex Moffat is a Chicago improve and sketch performer that will make his first appearance in an SNL cast. With no previous experience on the show, he his outstanding work as a hard working comedian is what earned him a spot by the producers. He has a web series called El Show with Alex Moffat and also did a good job in the 2015 film Uncle John. There are a lot of solo projects under his belt, nut presumably they hired him because of his great sketch comedy skills. He will be a valuable asset to the show if he doesn’t get overshadowed by the other professionals.

Last but not least is Melissa Villaseñor, the ultra-talented stand-up comedian and impressionist. She is known for lending her voice to great shows like Adventure Time and Family guy, so there is a nice alternative side to her comedy. Melissa is also a hard worker, and has done her routine at over 100 colleges and clubs around the country, and still counting! She can be considered a lot more seasoned than Moffat, and will probably be able to sink herself into whatever character the writers want.

So no more Taran Killam, Jon Rudnitsky or Jay Pharoah-these will be the new fresh faces of SNL moving forward!

Are any of these comedians worthy additions to the SNL cast? Who would you get rid of if you had a choice?

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