‘Samurai Jack’ Revival Will Be Different


Prepare to forget everything you learned about Samurai Jack in its past 4 seasons, as the season 5 revival will be completely different and disconnected from previous season. Cartoon Network plans to release the new season in 2016 or 2017, a decade after its finale. Series creator Genndy Tartakovsky was always proud of the way the series ended, but wanted to cement the legacy of the show with a movie. This would end the series long fight between Jack and the demon Aku in spectacular fashion. The movie never went got off of the ground for whatever reason, and the show always felt incomplete.

The revival of the show is misunderstood in the sense that some people are looking at it like a new season, when in fact it will be the movie that Tartakovsky always wanted. Season 5 of Samurai Jack will be one long episodic story, and has no connection to the older episodes that aired before it. So anyone new to the series can jump in and start watching at season 5 without missing anything. Something else that will change in the new season is the tone, with the show going for a more adult theme.

While the show was never ‘SpongeBob Squarepants’, it did have a charm to it and was more PG than PG-13. The new season is all about Jack finding himself, and is set several years after the events of the season 4 finale. It all sounds wonderful, but the only thing fans are worried about is the art style. The show is now going the digital route instead of hand drawn, so there will be a noticeable difference in the way the series looks.

Are you going to binge watch the older seasons to get ready for 5? How do you feel about the new art style of Samurai Jack?

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