‘Salem’ Is The Latest Show To Get Canceled


Well if you’ve been falling in love with the Salem series this news is going to come as a runaway freight truck. The show has officially been cancelled, and WGN is ending it after season 3. That’s quite a shocker for a show that is still in the middle of its run. Viewers are going to be really angry by the time the finale comes around, as there is zero chance they can change anything to make the actual ending palatable. And if they ended it on a cliffhanger, there will probably be riots.

Salem was a really good supernatural drama about the witch trials in the 17th century, and was also the first original scripted series for the network. It got off to a blistering start when it debut in 2014, and was the highest rated show on the network. Salem is the reason more original scripted shows got the green light on the network, so served as a very important experiment.

Apparently talks went on behind closed doors about this, since creators Braga and Adam Simon claimed they knew about this being the final season and have already planned a perfect ending for Mary. This of course is spin, and something that Penny Dreadful fans are all too familiar with. WGN seems to be moving in a different direction from Salem, claiming that shows like Underground and Outsiders have had better showings in the ratings as of late.

This is a really big letdown, and one that won’t soon be forgotten. Fans don’t like their nightly routines being blown up for no reason, and Salem very much had plenty of life left in it. WGN is ending what could very well be the best show on their schedule.

How would you rank Salem among the other WGN shows? Why do you think they cancelled it?

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B. Souza
B. Souza
1 year 27 days ago

Ending Salem? THAT SUCK’S !!!