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DIY Network has yet to officially confirm the fate of Rustic Reno Season 2

Release Date of #RusticReno S2: To be announced

Season one of DIY Network’s newest hit renovation show, Rustic Reno, has been an adventure so far. In the state of Minnesota, log cabins are just a staple in the environment. Some cabins are on the water while others are deep within the forest, but all need maintenance. Log cabins that have not been well-maintained will need more restoration work, something that the Jurgensen Brothers can provide. Chase and Brock have helped renovate cabins in the Prior Lake area of Minnesota, using as much reclaimed wood as possible. We have seen them so far transforming what seems like an ordinary log cabin or log cabin in shambles into a modern and functional cabin with the log cabin appearance, keeping it appropriate for the surroundings.

Season two has not been officially renewed by the DIY Network yet, but we can hope it will be. The Jurgensen Brothers are charming and competent, like a more rustic and woodsy version of the very popular Property Brothers. Of course the premise of #RusticReno is nothing like Property Brothers, but the dynamic between the brothers does feel familiar. In season two we can expect to see the brothers tackling more log cabins on the water and lakes. Since lakes and the atmosphere around them can be harsh on wood and logs over time, warping the wood, creating gaps and mold, they are more likely to need renovations more often than other cabins in the woods. Cabins in the woods, if they are exposed to sunlight, will also need to be renovated from time to time, but the type of work that is usually needed is different depending on the location and situation of the cabin itself. So far, no job is too tough for the Jurgensens as far as cabins are concerned.

The pilot for season one was filmed in fall 2015 in Brainerd, Minnesota. The renovations for the pilot episode were increasing the cabin’s square footage as well as adding to the outdoor element of the cabin. The rest of the renovations have been kept completely secret.

Season one only premiered on March 22, 2016, but so far the show has received mostly positive reviews. This is actually not the brothers’ first stint on television either. They have both appeared on the show Bath Crashers more than once, which helped them nail having their own show on the DIY Network. Their unique style and their working relationship was what caught the producer’s eye and got the ball rolling to get the brothers their own show. “The producers saw us and said, ‘So you guys are brothers and you work that good together? OK, we need to talk,’ and then 15 months later we’re here,” Brock said. “It’s been a process but it’s been fun and you know, if it continues great, [and] if it doesn’t well, it is what it is and we’ll continue doing what we’ve always done.” 

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In their real life, the brothers had stopped working together all of the time about two years ago when they split in two countries. But they still enjoyed working together, so being with each other on a show has not been a

stretch of the imagination or difficult for them at all. “We’ve always worked together, ever since we were kids, and we’re best friends at the same time so it’s the family element of it,” Brock said. “I think we’re so passionate about it because it’s right down our alley.” 

You can watch #RR on the DIY Network on Sunday nights or catch up on previous episodes on Season two should come out in spring 2017.

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7 months 20 days ago

This is a great show. Hopefully season 2 starts soon. It’d be a shame to not renew such an awesome show.

6 months 12 days ago

This show is awesome. Brock & Chase are creative with their renovations and every one looks beautiful. I would love to have them renovate my 1991 kitchen in MN! More seasons are definitely wanted!