‘Runaways’ Might Be Coming To Hulu


With comic books coming to life on both the small screen and the big screen, there are a lot of opportunities available for new things. That is why Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are coming together to adapt Runaways for television. The show will be about teenage heroes that fight crime, and will probably be as close to a Teen Titans live action show that any fan could hope for.

The unique premise of the show follows a group of teenagers who just so happen to be the offspring of super villains. So they run away, and form their own team to fight against the evil world that their parents are involved in. It is a pretty fun concept, especially with X-Men sort of dropping the ball with developing Magnetos son.

Even though Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona are the creators, it’ll be Savage and Schwartz that function as the showrunners when it makes it to series. Hulu is serious about making this happen and has ordered scripts other than the pilot, meaning this is as close to possible of getting the green light.

Runaways is still a fairly new franchise, and was only debuted in 2003. There is a nice following but not a huge following behind the series, which is why Hulu is taking it easy when making a decision. With all of the established franchise out there, taking a chance on a newer one might be a bigger risk. Due to the creative minds behind the show, they might have enough pull to make this happen one way or another. The last thing Hulu would want to do is to pass on a project that is picked up by their streaming rival!

Is the project high concept enough to get an order to series? What comic book series would you like to see come to Hulu?

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