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The Fourth season of the television series Rogue commenced airing on March 22, 2017

S4 Started March 22, 2017

Rogue is a Canadian-British police drama which is set in Northern California and premiered in April of 2013. @Rogue is produced by Entertainment One and filmed in Vancouver for DirecTV’s Audience Network and The Movie Network and Movie Central, which are both Canadian networks. Created by Matthew Parkhill, @Rogue tells the story of an undercover detective who fears that her actions may have contributed to a much larger tragedy.

What is the premise of #Rogue? 

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to catch the show yet, the main character of the show is Grace Travis who worked on the San Jose police department as an undercover detective in the first season. Her assignment is to take down Jimmy Laszio. While working undercover, Grace’s son is tragically murdered and learns that Laszio’s intentions were to take her down.

In the second season of #Rogue, Graces takes on the role of an FBI task force handler in San Francisco. Grace once again goes undercover when one of the female operatives goes missing. In San Francisco Grace meets Ethan who is a security consultant who she believes may be responsible for the disappearance of the missing operative.

In the third season of the show, Grace follows Ethan to Chicago because she believes he may be her only shot at survival. Ethan works to infiltrate several sketchy endeavors in the Chicago area which include the law offices of a high-powered attorney who is involved with dangerous gangs in Chicago and working with a high-end storeowner named Marlon Dinard who is a dangerous and secretive man. Grace and Ethan work together this season to seek revenge on those responsible for her son’s murder. This season, a large conspiracy is also exposed that links the white-collar world with the gangs of Chicago.

Who is on the cast of Rogue? 

Cole Hauser plays Ethan Kelley, a former soldier who is now a security consultant. When he worked overseas as a military contractor he was a member of a group of four who stole large amounts of money from the government.

Thandie Newton plays Grace Travis, an undercover cop whose professional life has taken a significant toll on her personal life. Her son was murdered in the first season of the show.

Sarah Carter plays DEA agent Harper Deakins who is on the Chicago task force whose purpose is to control the gang scene in Chicago.

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Richard Schiff plays Marty Abrams who is a powerful attorney in the Chicago area who represents everyone from sports stars to mobsters.

Derek Luke plays Marlon Dinard, a successful businessman who owns a chandelier store in Chicago. It also turns out that he is a leader of a prominent Chicago gang.

Bianca Lawson plays Talia Freeman who is Marty’s half sister.

Michael Murphy plays George Kelley who is Ethan’s father.

Sarah Jeffrey plays Elvie Travis, who is Grace’s teenage daughter.

Are there any spoilers for

season four?

There’s a new woman in town in season three. Ashley Greene (from Twilight) plays Mia Rochian who is a NSA contractor (with a lot of sex appeal). It’s rumored that Mia will complicate Ethan’s life after he finally started to pull his life together when he opened a legitimate security company.

Will you be tuning in this season? Does this show make your yea or nay list? Any predictions on other storylines that may unfold?

UPDATED August 6, 2016

It looks like we are going to be seeing more of 'Rogue' because AT&T have gone ahead and renewed the series for season 4. In fact, the new season - which incidentally will also be its last - is already in production and is prepping for a Spring 2017 released. There will also be a new face when the series returns in the Spring since Meaghan Rath is joining the cast as a new female lead.

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