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‘Roadies’ Brings Back Cameron Crowe Magic


The famous movie director finally finds his footing after a couple of years stumbling. Roadies might have been a bit of an experiment for another person, but since Crow is a music journalist-turned filmmaker, this has become more than just another show. Roadies is created, written and directed by Crow with a pretty good premise.

It follows a rock band that was once huge and is now past its prime looking to regain some of their former glory. The show parallels Crowe’s career in such a way that it is hard to not notice the differences. When he created the Station-House Band for the show, the men and women that made up the fictional band had great personalities. Everyone serves a purpose, and there isn’t a single character that gets film time that doesn’t have an interesting quirk. There are a lot of ups and downs in the show, depending on how well the band does. And as largely important as the band it, the crew shares an equal part in that success.

Luke Wilson stars as tour manager Bill Hanson, a man that doesn’t get paid enough to keep the sometimes toxic band together. It doesn’t help that he is old, has heart issues and refuses to take care of himself. The stress alone would be able to kill him.

Production manager Shelli Anderson is played by Carla Gugino, who is fighting marriage problems and a crew that needs constant babying. The new financial adviser is not cuts the budget to an insane degree, and Imogen Poots plays Kelly Ann, an integral part of the team that is serious considering leaving for film school. Every episode it looks like they all are about to fall apart, and somehow they manage to keep it together-for now.

What is your favorite Cameron Crowe movie? Do you think he has found the magic once again?

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