‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Ends After 7 Seasons


Rizzoli and Isles brought some great entertainment for 7 seasons, but the show finally called it quits and went out on a high note. Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander played their best roles as in this show, and Jane and Maura will go down as one of the best duos in television history. Anyone that hasn’t checked out the series yet should give it a try for the specific reasons below.

Nothing is more binge worthy than a completed show. The best shows to binge are the ones that don’t have a chance of being cancelled. Rizzoli and Isles wrapped up all loose ends and had a pretty decent sendoff, something that is hard to do for any series. There were very few people that complained about the finale.

It’s a procedural that actually has an ending! While most of these types of shows stay on the air until they are cancelled or are forced into a crappy last season, this show proudly went out on its own terms. They also didn’t overstay their welcome, and really fleshed out some of the minor characters in the last three seasons.

Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander are the bee’s knees. The female duo did not disappoint, and they always had that one line in an episode that put a smile on your face. Either the writers were the best in the industry or these two just know how to make a script work. The show never got stale over its long run which is something that is hard to do with procedurals.

A lot of people will move on to the next big cop show, but that doesn’t mean that the reruns of Rizzoli and Isles should be ignored. It is a good watch that never let down any of its viewers.

Where would you rank the show among other cop dramas? Were they the most compatible duo on television?

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