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Sky Atlantic announced they've greenlit a new series called Riviera. Slated to join the lineup in 2017

Release Date of #Riviera S1: 2017

Of Riviera, we have not much more than a production still featuring American actress Julia Stiles. It is part of Sky Atlantic’s aggressive push into the drama category of television programming. The company doesn’t appear to be too concerned with web marketing, though, as barely anything more than a cast list and short description is available as of yet.

The show, which may or may not be a mini-series, is slated to have a harmless enough plot which falls in line with Julia Stiles’ previous work. This will be a thriller involving the amoral, unrestrained, and explosion-prone ultra-rich of Europe. Stiles plays Georgina, unassuming blonde young wife of an art collector and wealth-amassing Constantine Clios who is much more than merely a humble, run-of-the-mill billionaire. No, this billionaire has dealings with the Russian mafia and may be involved in an international conspiracy.

As you can probably gather, this will be a “Jane Bond” type of movie of made-for-TV proportions. This is right up Stiles’ alley (or riviera, if you prefer), as she is wont to play wealthy women or love interests of wealthy men in thrillers. In fact, one of her strongest early performances was in Wicked, where she plays a psychopathic killer and for which she won an award. She is also a regular on the Bourne series of international action-thriller blockbusters. Not quite a Bond Girl, but being a Bourne Girl is surely almost as good for an actress’ career.

Sky Atlantic promises that the cinematography will be excellent. Apparently, they will be shooting on location in various ritzy corners of Europe. Apart from that, they are claiming to showcase the most decadent opulence of the world’s richest people. Aside from the style, there should be plenty of action and drama to keep Bourne, Mission Impossible, and Bond fans mildly satisfied until another major international spy action film comes out during the summer blockbuster season.

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Currently, Sky Atlantic is doing well at providing programs for the European audience. It commissioned critical hit The Young Pope and has gathered a massive audience through the agency of broadcasting Game of Thrones. While none of the original series’ have been able to catch up to the popularity of Thrones, this is a step in the direction of independence from HBO. Big productions like #Riviera are in as good hands as any outside of Hollywood if they are being produced by Sky Atlantic.

@Riviera is set to premiere in 2017. While it is looking like it will turn out to be a one-off mini-series, the future of the show is not certain. Perhaps if it is popular, it will be turned into a regular series. If you want to keep up with future developments on this show for season 2 and beyond, sign up for our E-mail notification list below. We’ll let you know in

a pithy message if season 2 of #Riviera is officially announced. If it is cancelled in an official capacity, we’ll also send you an E-mail with the news.

Are you looking forward to this or other productions of Sky Atlantic? Do you think Constantine Clios will turn out to be alive at the end of the series in some plot twist? What is your favorite Julia Stiles movie? Give us your comments and opinions down below.

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