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It was announced that Restaurant Stakeout would not return for a Sixth season

#RestaurantStakeout Ended, No Season Six :(

Restaurant Stakeout is an American reality food series that originally premiered on the Food Network on March 12th, 2012. The reality series was one of the Food Network’s first attempts at a television show that was not filmed in a studio.

William Jack “Willie” Degel, who is the owner of the New York City restaurant, Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse, hosts the program. Willie takes us behind the scenes of various restaurants across the United States and gives us the in depth look of what’s wrong in the food industry by installing hidden cameras. The series is Executive Produced by Alex Campbell, Jay Blumenfield, Joe Devito, Jon Beyer, Mike Colon, and Tony March. The fifth season of the show concluded on September 10th, 2014. The series has yet to be renewed or cancelled for a sixth season.

Can you tell me about the format of the show?

Willie observes the restaurant through the lens of a hidden camera, and after finding a host of problems with the way the food establishment is being run (for example, having no manager on duty, having an undertrained wait staff, having too many options on the menu and even such scandalous acts as getting drunk, misbehaving, and dancing on the tables with the customers), Willie goes in to the restaurant and confronts the owners of the restaurant and uses his “tough love” approach do deal with the staff of the restaurant and ultimately turn things around for the company.

Willie has a lot of power in the show. If the employees don’t turn things around after receiving advice and coaching from him, then Willie shows them the door.

What did fans think of the show? What was the overall response to the show?

An overwhelming theme toviewers’ reaction to the show is that many people believed it was fake. Critics and fans alike have described the show as “fake and staged”. One television critic, Andy Denhart, was quite harsh when describing the series in his article. In the piece, he stated, “#RestaurantStakeout is anything but real, which is no surprise to anyone who has watched it. I have no idea why Food Network, which has some really strong reality TV-Chopped, Next Food Network Star-actually airs crap like this show and Cupcake Wars. It’s embarrassing…”

Other viewers of the show have described Willie as a “loudmouth” and the show as the, “worst ever fake reality” show.

Why do viewers of the show think it is fake and staged?

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Many people believe the show is fake because it is unrealistic to believe that hidden cameras could be installed in a food establishment and employees could be royally told off for their behavior by someone who doesn’t even work for the company, and then have no lawsuits or legal charges pressed as a result.

Do you find it realistic to believe that employees who have been acting poorly would willingly go on national television and allow themselves to be embarrassed in front of a huge audience? A simple Google search will reveal that there are many people out there who believe the show is fake and staged, and many conspiracy stories to support the assertion.

Will the show be returning for a sixth season?

We have not heard an official announcement of cancelation for the sixth season yet. The finale of the fifth season aired in 2014, and the show is currently not airing on the network. Is it possible that the show could be renewed in 2016? Maybe!

While there are a lot of negative reviews of shows on the internet, and people often tune in to a program just because of all of the attention it receives, whether it be positive or negative! Some fans did find the concept of the

show “interesting and intriguing”, and we think just about anything is possible! Keep coming back for updates and we will let you know as soon as hear an official cancellation or renewal.

We want to hear from you!

What did you think of the show? Did you ever watch it? Would you watch the show if it returned for another season? Do you think it was staged? Weigh in and let us know your thoughts and reactions!


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9 months 29 days ago

I loved Willie and the show! I don’t care about what others think, he’s an entertainer, just like Trump!