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No decision has been made as to when production of Restaurant Impossible Season 14 will resume

Release Date of #RestaurantImpossible S14: To be announced

Just when a restaurant is within sight of failing, Restaurant Impossible swoops in to save the day with a $10,000 budget and the skills to make it a success. Airing on Food Network, the show premiered in 2011 and has been incredibly popular since its inception. The series has now completed 13 seasons, typically airing at least two seasons each year. With the help of chef Robert Irvine and his team, they are contacted by struggling restaurants to help save them from failure. With his professional insight, paired with the skills of an HGTV designer to make it look as good as the food it serves, many of the restaurants become successes. While the concept of renovating the appearance, methodology and menus of a restaurant is no stranger to Food Network, this show offers the whole deal to make them a success.

Who is Robert Irvine?

Robert is cut out for the job of host of RI, as he has a solid background as a chef and restaurateur. He has also a regular on Food Network outside of his show, as he has been on Dinner Impossible, Worst Cooks in American, and Restaurant Express. He has been in the culinary field since he was 15 when he enlisted in the Royal Navy, and did time on Her Majesty’s Royal Yacht Britannia. Her remained on duty for ten years before be moved to cruise ships. His first appearance was on Fit for a King, the show that later became Dinner Impossible. In addition to all of his other work, he has now released a line of spices, oils and vinegars, along with publishing a cookbook.

When can fans expect to see the next season of #RestaurantImpossible?

The show typically airs at least two seasons a year, with the last season running from March 9 to May 14 in 2016. While the popular series hasn’t announced when the 14th season will be released, it doesn’t typically air over the summer. It looks like October would be a likely time for the season to begin, as it has never premiered in August or September.

How are people reacting to the series?

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While the show has remained popular for several seasons, its popularity stems from the content of the show rather than the host. Viewers don’t find him to be appealing, and he is very brash and angry towards the restaurants. Some call it tough love, but most call it a power trip which doesn’t make for a pleasant viewing experience. There has also been criticism that the show is becoming too much of a design show rather than focusing on food on Food Network. Regardless, many find the makeovers to be effective, and while Irvine may be brash he is able to offer some tips. Many believe a lot of the show is scripted, but this is done for the sake of entertainment and it makes it worth it.

Are there any similar shows to #RestaurantImpossible?

Food Network is no stranger to helping struggling businesses in the hospitality industry. Other shows that are similar to #RI include Bar Rescue, which goes in to help struggling bar owners

give their bars a new lease on life by updating their menus, renovating the bar and giving the staff a hard lesson in customer service. Hotel Impossible follows the same methodology of both #RI and Bar Rescue where they go in to help a failing a hotel. Mystery Diners is another show that sends mystery diners into a restaurant to see how the service is and then use the information gathered to correct the issues.


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