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Hulu is yet to decide on the future of the Resident Advisors for Season 2

Release Date of #ResidentAdvisors S2: To be announced

Resident Advisors is a Hulu original series set on a college campus. The series was created by Taylor Jenkins Reid and Natalia Anderson. The show features the talents of Andrew Bachelor, Jamie Chung, Juliette Goglia, Ryan Hansen, Alison Rich, Graham Rogers, Romy Rosemont, and Daryl Sabara.

The show airs exclusively on Hulu in half-hour episodes. The series was filmed at Emerson College in Los Angeles. The series follows a group or resident advisors as they try to navigate the chaotic, sexually charged, and hormone filled world of college.

Where We Left Off?

In the last episode of episode of the season, a fire broke out in the dorm. This puts Olivia and the rest of the team on trial by the administration.

Other antics by the resident advisors includes: move in day at the dorm, teaching safe sex to the residents, team building time for the advisors, a visit from a motivational speaker, a wild party thrown to teach about binge drinking, and Halloween in the dorm.

What’s Next?

There’s been no word yet on a renewal for RA, but for show that is released exclusively for streaming this is not at all surprising. It takes longer to get an idea of ratings since viewers can watch the show at their leisure instead of being tied down to a specific time slot. It’s likely that Hulu is waiting to see how the show does long term in viewers before deciding on a second season or not.

The show only debuted in April so they could still be waiting to see how the show does over a longer period of time than a couple of months. Even for series aired on television, it’s not unheard of for it to take several months for a renewal announcement. Fans of the show should not be too nervous yet, there is still plenty of time for the series to be renewed. Especially if they plan on another season of 7 episodes. It will not take as much time to produce as a longer series would.

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If there is another season, that gives us more time with the advisors and plenty of room for more outrageous antics to ensue. They’ve covered the basics of sex education and wild partying so they’ll have to get more creative if the second season is to maintain the air of college realism that the first season gave. They’ve even gone so far as to cover diasters like crime sprees and fires in the first season, so what the advisors will get up to in the second season is anyone’s guess right now.

With another season we are likely to meet some new characters as well. We don’t have any word yet on new casting, but there’s likely to be at least a couple of new faces showing up on the college campus.

How To Watch?

The series airs exclusively on Hulu. The first two episodes are available for anyone to watch, but don’t get hooked because the rest of the season requires a Hulu Plus membership.

We Want To Hear From You!

What did you think of the first season of #ResidentAdvisors? Did they capture

the spirit of living and working on a college campus? What college antics would you like to see the crew get up to in the next season of the show? The series already boasts some big names like Elizabeth Banks, and Jamie Chung, if we get new permanent characters, who would you like to see cast? Who would you like to see guest star on the series? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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8 months 5 days ago

Bring it back! This show is friggin hilarious!!