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DIY Network has yet to officially confirm the fate of Rescue My Renovation Season 5

Release Date of #RMR S5: To be announced

While it has been a year since we have seen DIY Network’s Rescue My Renovation, that doesn’t mean we have seen the last of John DeSilvia and his team. DeSilvia’s show rescues frustrated and distraught homeowners who have been burnt by dishonest or corrupt contractors. In the season finale of season four, we met a family that was having trouble after a contractor ran off with their money and did not fix their plumbing. The family of four was limited to using one bathroom and their ground floor became useless due to extensive water damage. DeSilvia and his crew were able to figure out the issues in the home and help the family out.

Season five for the DIY Network show will follow DeSilvia and his crew as they go through people’s homes and save them from contracting disaster and ruins. Whether the contractor was unlicensed, or a crook who stole the home owner’s money, or even the case that a family was doing their own renovations and it all went awry, DeSilvia’s team will help them figure out what went wrong and how to remedy the situation. We will see DeSilvia tackle add-ons, plumbing disasters, kitchen disasters and more in season five, all helping families reclaim their homes and give them the renovation that they had originally set out for. Sometimes the home owners wind up with a renovation that is way beyond anything they could have ever imagined.

While renovating your home can be a stressful situation all by itself, when you add in the fact that all of these renovations go wrong, there is far more worry and concern with the home owners than there is otherwise. In fact, one of the most common reasons for couple’s to divorce is due to remodeling a home. It is because their lives are thrown inĀ uproar and the couple has to work completely as a team in order to get anything done. When even a minor setback happens, it can become a major cause for stress. And having a major setback and a disaster renovation is even worse. And that is why couples are so grateful for DeSilvia. He steps in at the perfect moment, when people have hit the end of their rope.

Some of the disasters that DeSilvia has helped with included a single mother whose contractor bailed on them in the middle of a kitchen remodel, without even protecting the space from the elements. He has helped a family whose basement has been flooding in spite of having two different contractors look at it for them. The show is so successful because there is a feel-good element mixed in with the mystery and problem solving. Combine all of that with home renovations and it is no wonder the show has made it through four seasons. Hopefully the show continues to do well and stay strong.

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The show has mostly received positive reviews, with an average of 7.6 out of 10 starts on There has been some questions to whether the show is real or not, but that is typically the case with all

reality shows as it is.

You can watch reruns of #RescueMyRenovation on both the DIY Network and HGTV, as well as on both of their websites. Season five’s release date has not been announced and the show has not even been officially renewed as of yet. When the show is renewed, we should see it sometime later this year, unless the network pushes the show further out. Check the network’s site for their current programming schedule.

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11 months 16 days ago

the show could be a lot better ,stop the BS o the roof could fall and kill us, and stop the recaps every 5 minutes

mike henrick
mike henrick
8 months 15 days ago

I was a contractor on one of the shows and I can gaurantee there was nothing fake about that one..Season 4 Episode 2 What lies Beneath