Remember ‘Kingdom’?


The limited reach Kingdom just got renewed for a 3rd season, much to everyone’s surprise! The MMA themed drama is a DirecTV original series, so there may be some preferential treatment going on there. Airing on the AT&T Audience Network leaves the show out of reach of a lot of potential viewers, so there is no real way to gauge its influence other than social media.

The current 20 episode 2nd season is still going, and will finish August 3rd. The good news is that the network is firmly behind the show by renewing it this early, so for anyone holding off on getting hooked, now is the time to start watching. It’s highly unlike the show will be canceled before concluding its current storyline.

Yet, the bad news is that there are just too many storylines in the series. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as Kingdom is one of the few shows that has an entire roster of interesting characters. Only a couple of shows can pull off the crowded character format, and one of them is ‘Game of Thrones’, which Kingdom is not. What viewers will get with Kingdom is a very gritty experience, with some interesting fight scenes. The first season did a sloppy job with the fight scenes, but the second season really pulled everything together.

This is helped by having stars and choreographers with MMA experience, keeping everything looking realistic. Even Nick Jonas was looking like a seasoned fighter by the second season! Kingdom is a good series that just needs a bit of tidying up when it comes to the storyline front. Hopefully it’ll even branch out to streaming services like Netflix so that it can enjoy a boost in popularity.

Should Kingdom grant streaming rights to other providers? What do you think of season 2 so far?

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