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BBC One has greenlit new series, Redwater, slated to premiere in 2017

Release Date of #Redwater S1: 2017

This exciting new spin-off of the long running British soap opera EastEnders will air next year. Whether you’re a fan of EastEnders or not, the idea of a carefully crafted, well-written spin off is absolutely fascinating and has fans and television watchers buzzing.

The characters that the show will feature are Kat Slater and Alfie Moon, the classic on and off couple of the show. Perhaps the romance plot that the show is best known for. The new series will be set in a fictional Irish town, called Redwater. A picturesque seaside resort that makes you think of ice cream and sun bathing. However, the residents there are hiding a dark secret, and Kat and Alfie arrive looking to simultaneously put their pasts behind them and also seek answers to certain questions.

The plot will be somewhat related to the EastEnders story, with two events in the series closer to the release date of #Redwater relating to its own plot. The gist is that Kat has a son she does not know about living in the town, one born when she passed out giving birth to her daughter (who she does know about). The search for their missing child will open a can of worms, or Pandora’s box, depending on how you look at it. Themes will include love and loss, and the strong ties of kinship that can be both a blessing and a curse.

Shane Richie, the actor who plays Alfie, said the show is not a spin off but is a whole new show, simply borrowing the characters from EastEnders and creating a whole new storyline. Well, that’s the definition of a spin-off but I imagine Richie was trying to make the point that the show not just for fans of EastEnders but could be enjoyed by all fans of good drama series’.

Confirmation of the cast and crew was contained within a press release from the BBC media centre in April, the month that filming began in and around Dublin. As its in Ireland, it also features some of the best in Irish film and TV. The cast includes Fionnula Flannagan, who has appeared in Lost, The Invention of Lying, The Others; Mario Doyle Kennedy, from Orphan Black, Dexter, The Commitments; Ian McElhinney, from Game of Thrones and The Fall; Angeline Ball from Shameless and The Commitments, and Stanley Townsend from The Hollow Crown and The Tunnel. They will join Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie who play Kat and Alfie. As you can see, there will be some very recognizable faces within this show, giving it the gravitas and anticipation that should ensure its success.

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That is not to mention the team on board for directing and writing. The award-winning Jesper Nielson from Denmark will be directing the series. His previous work includes Borgen, the political drama, and Though a Glass Darkly, the 2008 film adaptation of a 1993 novel. Meanwhile, the writing team includes Matthew Graham, Julie Dixon, Lauren Klee and Matthew Barry. Combined, this team has written parts of Casualty, The Bill, Holby City and EastEnders. It reads like a what’s what of British soap operas.

What’s got you most looking forward to @Redwater? The fantastic

cast? The picturesque filming and story location? The great writing team, responsible for some of the UK’s most successful soap operas and daytime dramas? All of the above combined will ensure #Redwater is one to watch.

So far, we only know that it will be airing in 2017, so keep your ears to the ground by subscribing to our website’s alerts service. That way, you will be notified as soon as the start date is confirmed. 

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