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Real World Season 33? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #RealWorld S33: To be announced

Real World gets real in Seattle, again!

The #RW just started its newest run and the crew takes viewers back to rainy Seattle. This season, the roommates must face the person they clash with the most; someone with whom they have bad blood. Hence, the appropriate official show title, RW Seattle: Bad Blood.

Even though this is technically the 32nd season, it’s more like the fourth season since the re-vamp of the show’s format. The first 28 seasons were titled ‘The #RealWorld’ and were basically the same situation in a different city. MTV cut the number of aired episodes in half starting with season 20, but each episode was one hour instead of 30 minutes.

New format, same real drama!

Then, starting with season 29, the show changed focus from the city and locations to the orchestrated drama and game-like challenges posed to the roommates. The show now alters its title each season to accommodate a custom theme. For example, rather than ‘#RW San Francisco’ it’s ‘RW: Ex-Plosion’.

Let’s do a quick recap of the newly formatted seasons:

-Season 29 (Ex-Plosion, San Francisco): the roommates came home after a vacation to find their exes had moved into the house, permanently (the exes weren’t even told about this mash-up before hand).
-Season 30 (Skeletons, Chicago): gave the roommates a new unresolved personal conflict each week, and the conflicting person had the option to stay in the house for only that week as they worked it out.
-Season 31 (Go Big or Go Home, Las Vegas): gave the roommates missions to complete, either individual or group, and if someone didn’t want to do it they had to leave the house.

Those first three seasons of the new format seem to have served as a warm-up for viewers, to prepare them for the heavy drama in season 32. The biggest production change this season is the connection to the outer-world. Each roommate is now given a mobile they can use to send pics, vids, texts, and tweets, and MTV has even made their Twitter accounts public so viewers can connect to them directly and immediately.

The premiere episode shows the roommates moving in and getting acquainted. Slowly, over the first and second episodes, each of them start to reveal to each other why they have quirky personal issues (insecurities, jealousy, shyness, distrust) and who is to blame – enter the Bad Blood.

The #RealWorld roommate vs their Bad Blood:

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-Anika vs Will (the Ex)
-Jordan vs Orlana (the former friend)
-Katrina vs Anna (her older sister)
-Mike vs Peter (the former roommate, owes Mike money)
-Robbie vs Jenn (the Ex)
-Theo vs Kassius (Theo’s Cousin)
-Tyara vs Kimberly (former high school classmate/bully)

The Bad Blood are contacted by the producers and offered a gig in Portland. They meet up, and only then are told to get in an RV and drive to Seattle, where they will move-in with the Real World roommates. There are little crushes, flirting, bickering, and disputes amongst the roommates early on, but once the Bad Blood arrives, the house turns into a battle zone.

Real bad ratings!

Season 32 premiered on October 12, 2016, with a 2-hour back-to-back kick-off. Neither of the hours did well with the numbers. The demo rating for episode 1 came in at 0.25 with 395,000 viewers. Episode 2 was even less, with a 0.22 rating and only 329,000 viewers. Ouch!

It’s not looking good for Real World, and if MTV doesn’t see a bump in the numbers soon, the show might get axed. The network has not officially announced anything about cancellations or renewals yet.

Real World Seattle: Bad Blood airs Wednesday nights at 10pm ET on


What do you think of the new format of Real World? Have you sent a tweet to any of the roommates yet? Which of the Bad Blood do you think will aggravate the situation most?

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