‘Ready Jet Go’ Second Season Is Confirmed


Good educational programs aren’t exactly in short supply, but ones that teach the fundamentals of science may be lacking. And that is why PBS made the decision to renew Ready Jet Go for a second season, and may have something special on their hands.

The series is all about teaching kids about science, and not just simple things. They take a unique and fun approach in learning that is easy to adapt to, and leaves the viewer curious. A curious mind is one that will often come back for more to satisfy itself, and so far with Ready Jet Go that mantra has worked. With 24 new episodes on the schedule, they are also adding in an hour long special and extras. Expect mobile games, apps, and pictures to be part of the marketing machine as PBS tries to market the franchise.

Created by Craig Bartlett, the show can be watched by viewers as young as three to eight years old. Bartlett made it a point to cover a lot of science without being overwhelming, including invention, astronomy, exploration and even modern innovation. The show even hired its own astrophysicist from NASA named Dr. Amy Mainzer! She is incredible intelligent and well spoken, and has a charisma that clicks when speaking with younger viewers. These are all key emotional components that you want from someone that is dumping complex science into a kid’s brain.

As for the stars of the show, Jet Propulsion (yes, corny but funny) is an alien from outer space, but also the new kid in town. His human friends Sean and Sydney join him as he learns about the galaxy, with each episode posing a specific question about the universe.

Is this the best science show on television for kids? What would you like to see in a science show for kids?

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