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Disney XD's Animation series will not be renewed for a Third season

#RC9thGN Cancelled, No Season Three :(

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja is an animated series airing on Disney XD. The series first aired in August 2012 and has seen two seasons so far. The series follows the title character as he becomes a ninja protecting his hometown. There has been no word yet on a renewal for a third season of the series.

What It’s About?

The series features Randy Cunningham after he is selected to be the ninja that protects the town of Norrisville. This is part of a town tradition where every four years a new ninja is selected whose job is to protect the town from danger. Randy must protect the town of from the evil plots of the Sorcerer, Hannibal McFist, and Willem Viceroy.

Where We Left Off?

In the two part finale for season 2, Randy finds out that his family is moving away from Norrisville because it is too dangerous a place to live. To keep his family from moving he tries to stop Cyborg Julian to make the town safe again.

What’s Next?

There has not been an announcement yet about a renewal for the series. This isn’t too concerning yet. The second season finished in July 2015, so there is no reason to worry just yet about the show. It will likely take a little while for the network to decide on their plans for the series. They are likely waiting to see what the numbers are for the second season before they make any official plans. We can expect an announcement at any time now.

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Since we don’t have an official announcement about the plans for next season, we also don’t know what will be happening in the new season. Randy has successfully made Norrisville a safe place again, but will that be enough for his family to stay? Or will they still decide that they should move away? It is likely that they will stay so the series can continue on in the pattern that it has established, but anything is possible at this point in time. The series will likely pick up from where it left off and Randy will have some new opponents as the season progresses. He will continue to balance school and his private life while he tries to protect the town from any and all threats. There will probably be a combination of new and old villains as he continues to fight The Sorcerer, Hannibal, and Viceroy along with some new adversaries. There’s no telling what kinds of adventures Randy will get up to in the new season. There are any number of situations that he could find himself in in the next season. We will have to wait for an announcement about the new season to find out exactly what Randy and the rest of the characters will be up to. That announcement will likely come after the official announcement about the plans for season 3.

How To Watch!

Episodes of @RandyCunningham9thGradeNinja air on Disney XD at 3:30 PM EST. Episodes are also available to stream on Amazon Instant Video for a small fee.

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the series? Who is your favorite character besides Randy? Who’s your favorite villian that Randy has fought? What enemies would you like to see Randy fight next? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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18 days 1 hour ago

Disney please. Kids are hugest fan of randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja. They really wanted to see season three of randy Cunningham. So please bring the old cast and the creators . Please Disney.