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DIY Network is yet to decide if Raise the Roof will be back for another season or not

Release Date of #RaiseRoof S2: To be announced

Home restoration series Raise the Roof began its first season in August on the DIY Network and is still going strong into the fall. This seven-episode show is based around Denver-based contractor and real estate investor Keith Nylund, who travels to various historic homes and removes their roofs, looking to add an additional story to try and make it more appealing to family buyers. As he explains it, his aim is to try and make these homes fit modern needs while still maintaining their usual character. As these type of shows often go, though, this task may sometimes be easier said than done.

In one episode, Keith tries to flip a 917 square foot, two bedroom, one bath bungalow to fit the needs of its fast-growing neighborhood. However, this 1920-built home has a number of issues to address, including broken pipes and water damage. However, over a six-month period, he successfully triples its size, including adding a new kitchen and stunning view of the nearby mountains. In another episode, he tries to take a simple bungalow and convert it into a Spanish-style mansion, going so far as to knock down the back wall and create a huge rooftop deck to modernize this previously bland dwelling.

When it comes to critical reception, shows like these are generally only as good as the skill of their host. Luckily, Keith is a true veteran when it comes to restoration, so viewers and critics alike have come to enjoy his insight into what makes for a good restoration project. In addition, the idea of expanding a space isn’t as common as you would think, helping the show stand out. Ratings appear to be looking solid as well, something that fans will be happy to hear and suggesting that the show may have potential legs.

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The DIY show trend has still been a powerful one on TV, with many fans trying to save post-recession both trying to learn and be inspired by stories of people saving money while still creating stunning living spaces with a combination of innovation and expertise. #RaiseRoof keeps this idea going and Nylund proves to be quite a solid host, managing to provide information in an entertaining fashion. In many ways, the only things holding the show back from another season is its own scope. RR only focuses on historical homes in the Denver area, and while that is a region that is getting built up, there is a finite amount of homes that fit the premise of this show. It will be interesting to

see how the show adapts in a potential future season, be it Nylund working in another area or trying a different type of restoration.

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