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The fate of Railroad Alaska Season 4 remains up in the air

Release Date of #RailroadAlaska S4: To be announced

Alaska is still very much part of the great unknown, a place where mystery and adventure await the curious travelers. For the many that call Alaska their home, this state is rich in resources and natural beauty. Of course, life is not easy, especially when you compare it to the Lower 48. The lifeline of this great state is its railroad that carries the many natural resources that makes Alaska wealthy. This reality series looks at the lives of the people who live along the Alaskan Railroad, the off grid settlers and the Alaskan Railroad Corporation workers and the many challenges they face year round. It is no easy feat to keep the trains running in this beautiful but harsh environment.

What is the show about? 

The series follows the day to day operations of the Alaskan Railroad and the people who depend on it for their existence. As with the majority of shows that feature Alaska, the show is aimed at an audience that comprises of the Lower 48, as no true Alaskan finds these tales true. (At least most of the time.) Many of the situations are posed as a life threatening – life or death scenarios that keeps the viewer gripped with the sequence of events that takes place in the show.

What do Alaskans feel about the show? 

They feel that the rise in Alaskan reality TV shows means that they are trying to sell Alaska in a sense. The Alaska Film Production Promotion Program gives tax credits for filming in Alaska and hiring Alaskans. Of course, this means that there is a spike in Alaskan shows that will be hitting our screens, but this also means employment for the locals.

“For most Americans we are still a last frontier, an undiscovered place, the end of the road, where people go to reinvent themselves. Alaska’s on the bucket list of many, many people worldwide, especially a lot of Americans… They want to come and discover — in their motor home, the Alaska Railroad or a cruise ship.” 

When did the show premiere?

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Alaskan Railroad aired on 16th November 2013 with the second season of ten episodes released a year later on the 25th of October 2014. The show was received quite well and a third season was aired on the 14th of November 2015 with nine episodes in the season.

When can we expect to see the fourth Season of the show?

With Alaska offering good subject matter for many shows, it seems likely that the grit story of the Alaskan Railroad will continue for a while. Looking at the pattern they have been following for the past 3 seasons, it is likely that they may have the fourth season releasing somewhere year end.

What are the problems that the Alaskan Railroad workers & their travelers face? 

From meeting tough delivery schedules, to the stories of homesteaders who try to reach the hospital via train, to a rogue gunman who threatens to derail a shipment, to earthquakes and the rush to beat the winter as Alaskans prepare for the cold weather – this show has all the drama and makings of a good show that should keep the viewers engaged.

For the many Alaskans that call this state their home, this show is a story of the constant battle homesteaders face with Mother Nature. They have to deal with unbearable cold temperatures, frozen lands, scarce vegetation and life during the long winter months and managing to survive on their own

with very little help from the outside world. This show tells the story of the hard core crew of the Alaskan Railroad as they ensure that the train is up and running against all odds to deliver crucial supplies and the fury that nature can bestow upon them. For the many homesteaders, failure is not an option, and the hardened, work weary but hardy railroad workers – this is their job and a heavy responsibility.

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4 months 28 days ago

Love alaskan railroad Show. Hope it comes back for season 4