‘Queen Sugar’ Gets Important Renewal


OWN is in touch with what the audience wants, and has renewed Queen Sugar for a 16 episode second season even before the series premiere on September 6th. This is an important renewal, and gives the writers a lot of breathing room to figure out how they want to flesh out the story.

The premiere episode will be a commercial free affair, and will also be a two night event on Tuesday and Wednesday. OWN is making it a point to highlight the show since it is based off a much celebrated book. That same book is also on the networks’ must read list, so the marketing of this series is a no brainer. With the first season consisting of 13 episodes, this could also mean that the extra 3 in the second season is meant to be the conclusion.

OWN is not like other networks and doesn’t drag out series long past its prime. Each series always has a story to tell, and clearly defined beginning, middle and end. So could the series only be planned for a full 2 seasons?

Queen Sugar will also have a very uplifting social message behind the camera, with all of the series episodes in the first season being directed by women. This will be a good showcase of the talents of Ava DuVernay and the other directors, and possibly open up doors for more women in Hollywood to become directors. Network president Erik Logan was the one who made the decision to renew ahead of the second season, and all from a simple first cut provided by Ava. If the show is really that good, then the book readers will be pleasantly surprised with its adaptation to the small screen.

How good will the show be when it premieres? Will this be the best show on OWN?

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