‘Quantico’ Will Now Be On Monday


Some viewers may start to sound the alarms now that Quantico is making a move to Monday starting in January. By the time the show resumes its season on the 23rd, the fall finale may have been forgotten. This is because a lot of people will won’t even be aware it is on the new night, and may not even like the scheduling. Going from a weekend date to a weekday date is a big deal, and is most likely due to the cancellation of Conviction.

Conviction was recently denied additional episodes by the network, even though they were quick to point out it wasn’t a ‘cancellation’. The reality is that they are going to air the remaining episodes and call it quits due to struggling ratings. Along with Notorious, Conviction became one of the many shows that ABC decided to cancel after a single season. In an indirect way, Conviction may be responsible for a future Quantico cancellation.

When Quantico first came out it was the hottest show on ABC. The Joshua Safran created drama was hailed by many as something special, with star Priyanka Chopra leading the way as agent Alex Parrish. The show enjoyed great ratings in its first season, but hit a slight bump in the road for their current second season. This was due to the setting changing, new characters being introduced and the overall show being entirely different. Yet they soldiered through and gained back some of that season 1 magic so that their current season 2 stands on its own legs.

With the unexpected move to Monday, ABC is playing a very dangerous game with one of its best shows. Quantico will have to be smart with their marketing if they want to survive.

Will the show be able to survive this move? What do you think of the new time slot?

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