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‘Purity’ Will Not Be Affected By Daniel Craig’s Schedule


With Showtime focusing a lot of its energy on the Daniel Craig epic Purity, concerns have been voiced on whether it will affect his role as James Bond in the movies. Craig has been one of the most successful Bond characters of all time, and is in the starring role of the mega-billion dollar franchise. This is all confusing from the side of Craig, as he has stated he would like to eventually move on from the Bond series. In fact, Spectre was considered to be his very last.

Fans and critics can argue for ages about who the best bond actor was, but Craig has given the franchise its most lucrative set of films of all time. He is also responsible for changing the way Bond is as a character, as the series went from suave and smooth talking Bond to action star Bond. A lot of the Bond tropes have gone out the window, and James Bond is one of the biggest action stars in the modern era.

Despite rumors of Craig wanting to leave the franchise, Bond 25 has been rumored and many thing he will reprise the role once again. This is the key here, as he has not yet been signed on as the title character. With Purity still in production and the star set to do a minimum of 20 episodes, there will be some incompatibility with the schedules if he decides to do both.

Showtime is aware of this, and is offering to be flexible with the scheduling. Showtime CEO David Nevins is all aboard in making sure the star is comfortable, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out in the end.

Will Craig sign up to do the next Bond film? And will it affect the overall production of Purity?

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