‘Project Runway: Fashion Startup’ Coming To Lifetime


Lifetime is launching a new Project Runway and has set a premiere date and the judges. October 20th is the date to mark on your calendars if you want to catch the first episode of the series. There is no shortage of viewers that love fashion shows, and Project Runway: Fashion Startup is aiming to be even better than its predecessor.

Fans should prepare for some fierce competition in a show that has more in common with The Apprentice than it does any other fashion show on television. Aiming for an eight episode first season, fashion entrepreneurs will pitch ideas to a panel of investors in order to get the money they need to make their dreams come true. A similar format is also used in RuPaul’s Drag Race, although to a lesser degree.

Formerly called Fashion Inc., the judges will be Katia Beauchamp, Rebecca Minkoff, Gary Wassner and Christine Hunsicker. And there will of course be appearances by big name celebrity designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Julia Rice, Jenny Fleiss and even Maria Hatzistefanis. The show is going to lay it on thick with the ever evolving fashion world, and it’ll be great to bet money on who the mean judge will be. (It’ll be Minkoff)

The fun thing about the show is that there will be a lot of concepts demoed through several episodes, so consider this as educational as it is entertaining. While there won’t be any ultra-creative challenges like from RuPaul’s Drag Race, it’ll still be interesting enough that it shows the creativity of the individual that wants their dream the most. If the show works out well, expect a spinoff of a spinoff!

Will the show be a bigger hit than Project Runway? Or will the new format scare off would be viewers that preferred the old format?

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