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‘Project Runway’ Declares A Winner


The 15th champion has finally been crowned on Project Runway. It was another exciting season as viewers got to watch some of the best up and coming designers in the world impress the judges. The two hour season finale was full of a lot of surprises, with Erin Robertson, Rik Villa, Laurence Basse and Roberi Parra duking it out. Spoilers are ahead, so read carefully!

Roberi probably went through the most ‘uh-oh’ moments, with Laurence running a close second. But these two designers could not be stopped, and somehow managed to fight off some really bad luck near the end of the competition. It may have been this early bad luck that led to Erin becoming the winner of Project Runway, although it can be argued that she didn’t go through nearly as much compared to the others. Even the first to be eliminated (Rik) showed some really efficient work but was criticized for not going the extra mile. When comparing Rik’s style to Erin, they are polar opposites. Rik creates designs that are tried and trusted, while Erin makes things that border on being gaudy. It is a matter of taste in the end, as Heidi Klum and the rest of the judges seemed pleased with their choice.

Rik is a name that will be heard a lot, but a good portion of viewers are madder about Roberi getting overlooked. The combined effort of Roberi was stunning if you look at the complete body of work. Erin by sheer talent was the weakest designer to ever win the competition, but had one of the best personalities. As controversial as the decision was, it may end up being worse to viewers that binge watch the show and see some of Erin’s earlier works.

Did the show get it wrong by declaring Erin the winner? Who do you think should have won?


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